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Shifter Romance Series

Mystic Valley Shifters

Woven: Book One

Mystic Valley Shifters

Burying my parents was the hardest thing I had to do…

or so I thought.

Then I met Jensen and every time he gets near me, my body feels like it might burst into flames.

Falling in love wasn’t in my plans...

but neither was turning into a wolf or falling in love with one. 

I wish the family secret could've stayed buried.

But when an old enemy threatens to destroy everything –

She'll have to come to terms with who I am and save the one person I can't live without...



Wretched: Book Two

Mystic Valley Shifters

Haven fought to help his niece Dylan save her destined mate from the clutches of a past enemy. Ending the long rival came with a price, he had to sacrifice himself to save Tessa, his destined mate, from death. He tried to tell Tessa she was meant for him, but she refused to listen, telling him to stay away. When Tessa’s injured during the fight to help Dylan, Haven doesn’t hesitate to save her. Even if she won’t love him back, he would gladly give his life to save hers.

Now trapped in the wretched prison he’s made for himself in the in-between, Tessa must come to terms with what she’s been denying all along – that Haven is her destined mate. Guilt over being alive while Haven lays comatose, Tessa vows to do whatever it takes to save him… Even if that means her own life.

Tessa finds Haven in the in-between – determined to bring him back to the land of the living. But will she save him in time to save herself? When Haven wakes from his coma the battle for their love really begins, as Tessa becomes trapped in her own wretched prison. Tessa will have to solve the mystery making her wolf sick and save herself or risk losing everything.

Willing: Book Three

Mystic Valley Shifters

Carly’s always been the girl everybody is drawn to... everyone except him. She' can't seem to get him out of her head, but he doesn't even notice her. She thinks it's because he's older and doesn't want to date someone like her. But she plans on showing she’s willing to forgo everything – just to be his.

Paul doesn't know how much longer he can fight his wolf, who wants to claim Carly. Seeing her with other guys, even just being close to her, is tearing him apart. Can he trust fate and just be willing to take a chance – or will he lose his mind to the feral side from ignoring his destined mate?

This is Book Three in Mystic Valley Shifters. While you can read it as a stand-alone novel, it does reference characters from Woven Book One and Wretched Book 2 (Now available as Mystic Valley Shifters: Volume One on Amazon)

Mature Reader Warning: This book contains a lot of panty-dropping sexiness! There is raw sexual language (aka dirty talk), a little violence, and tons of heat! It is intended for readers 18+ and fans of the naughty stuff. If that's you then be sure to check out the entire series!

Whispers: Book Four

Mystic Valley Shifters

Carter almost died, and Kai can't take the chance of losing her destined made any longer.


She pushed him away for so long - like Paul did Carly.


But now, when he needs her the most he says he doesn't want her.


Can Kai break through his frozen exterior, and show him he can be the same man he was before?


Will the whispers of her love seep into his heart making him whole again?

Find out if the tough girl can make him hers once and for all in "Whispers: Book Four" of Mystic Valley Shifters

Adult Content, so this may not be for the faint heart.

Worthy: Book Five

Mystic Valley Shifters

Married to a woman who was not his true mate, Jackson always knew there was a chance he'd find his destined mate, but he loved her anyway.

After his wife was murdered, Jackson vowed to keep his step-daughter safe. Moving to a new town was meant to be a fresh start.


He had no idea his fated mate was there waiting for him.

Cassandra lost her destined mate before her twins were born.


His death left her heartbroken, believing fate was cruel.


She picked up the pieces, staying strong for her children. Love was a foreign idea to her - believing she'd had her chance a destiny once, she never in a million years thought she'd get another chance.

Will Cassandra believe in fate a second time around?

Or will heartbreak repeat itself again?

A She-Shifters in Blue Series

Lipstick & Lead: Callista

A She-Shifters in Blue Series

Meet Callista Orson.

All she wants is to be a good Detective.

But being a female, and a shifter makes the job harder than it should. It doesn't help that every time she tries to prove herself, she falls flat - usually on her ass.

And not to mention... her dad's the Chief of Police.

This small-town police department is a family affair. Her sisters, Carmen, Cassidy, Charlotte, and Dakota, all dawn a badge and gun too.

With no brothers, her dad taught them everything he knew about being a cop. So naturally, the girls wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Will Callista prove there is more to her than being just another pretty face?

Callista and her sisters will work hard to prove themselves as cops and kick a little ass...

Oh, and fall in love along the way.

Because what kind of life would it be without a little romance and heat!

Lipstick & Lead: Charlotte

A She-Shifters in Blue Series

After months of being missing, Charlotte appears on her sister Callista's doorstep.


She knows they'll have questions, but the only thing she needs is her mate.

Scared and broken, she knows she will have to explain how she got free... even if it changes everything.

Will her mate forgive her when he finds out what she had to do to stay alive?

Things aren't what they seem as Charlotte uncovers the truth about her undercover assignment.


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