Woven: Book One (Mystic Valley Shifters) | Author LC Taylor

Broken hearted after her parent's tragic death, Dylan struggles to hold on to hope. Learning to live without a piece of her heart, Dylan battles against the intense feelings she suddenly has for the new guy at school. Her guilt telling her it's soon to have feelings for anyone.

But it’s harder than she expected...

On the heels of her eighteenth birthday, a family secret will be exposed, revealing who or what she is destined to become.


Jensen's becomes the new guy in school when his mother takes over as headmaster in Mystic Valley School. The minute he meets Dylan he knows – she’s his destined mate. Be he doesn’t understand why his wolf wants a human…

Not that it matters. Jensen won’t stop until she’s his, Forever.


When an old enemy comes back to claim Dylan for himself, more is exposed about who she is. Dylan will have to embrace her family’s secret or lose another person in her life.


Will she accept her fate in time to save herself or those she loves?

*Some Adult Content ~ Intended for Mature Audiences**(This can be read as a standalone novel, however, there is a cliffhanger at the end which will be answered in Wretched: Book Two

Woven: Book One (Mystic Valley Shifters)

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