Willing: Book Three (Mystic Valley Shifters) | Author LC Taylor

Carly’s always been the girl everybody is drawn to... everyone except him. She' can't seem to get him out of her head, but he doesn't even notice her. She thinks it's because he's older and doesn't want to date someone like her. But she plans on showing she’s willing to forgo everything – just to be his.

Paul doesn't know how much longer he can fight his wolf, who wants to claim Carly. Seeing her with other guys, even just being close to her, is tearing him apart. Can he trust fate and just be willing to take a chance – or will he lose his mind to the feral side from ignoring his destined mate?

This is Book Three in Mystic Valley Shifters. While you can read it as a stand-alone novel, it does reference characters from Woven Book One and Wretched Book 2 (Now available as Mystic Valley Shifters: Volume One on Amazon)

Willing: Book Three (Mystic Valley Shifters)

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