Whispers: Book Four (Mystic Valley Shifters) | Author LC Taylor

Carter almost died, and Kai can't take the chance of losing her destined made any longer. She pushed him away for so long - like Paul did Carly. But now, when he needs her the most he says he doesn't want her. Can Kai break through his frozen exterior, and show him he can be the same man he was before? WIll the whispers of her love seep into his heart making him whole again?

Find out if the tough girl can make him hers once and for all in "Whispers: Book Four" of Mystic Valley Shifters
Adult Content, so this may not be for the faint heart.
This is part of a series, while you can read it alone, it helps to read books 1-3 first (Also available for purchase)

Whispers: Book Four (Mystic Valley Shifters)

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