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Hero Romance

The Signal Series

Signal 41: Saving Carson

The Signal Series

Carson Harding's marriage is falling apart.

Her husband's lies finally catch up to him, forcing her eyes open to what needs to be done.

Just when she finds the courage to walk away, consequences be damned - an accident changes everything.
An accident that will force her to overcome more than a failed marriage.
Jason Hunter has seen it all working on squad truck.

Sometimes death is inevitable and he's learned to accept he can't always be the hero.

But something about the signal 41 he works leaves him wanting to be a hero...

For her.
Will the accident leave Carson broken forever or will Jason show her happiness in spite of tragedy?

Signal 99: Freeing Felicity

The Signal Series

Felicity Jones has the worst luck in men. Ever since she walked away from her high school sweetheart, she's been in one bad relationship after another.
Now at twenty-eight, her current relationship has her rethinking life… She's pretty sure this guy is the worst of all of them.
Left clinging to hope, Felicity prays there's someone out there who will free her from this monster.
Liam Carver has been with the department eleven years - on the SWAT team for six.
He's seen his share of bullshit.
But this call out is different.
This time it’s someone he knows... someone he loved.
Felicity broke his heart in high school when she went off to college and never looked back.
He thought she was the one he'd spend forever with.
Since then, he's sworn off relationships, saving himself from anymore heartache.
But seeing her again stirs up feelings he thought he'd buried long ago.
Can love heal all wounds or will darkness keep them from a happily ever after?


Signal 63: Reviving London 

The Signal Series

London Brett worked hard to get where she is. Being a female on the force can be hard.
Always having to prove yourself among the guys can mean never letting them see you as weak.
Every man she's ever dated has wanted to change her - not being able to deal with her macho profession.

Davie Patrick takes being a paramedic serious.
He dedicated his life to helping others after he suffered an unthinkable loss. Swearing he'd never fall in love again.
Until her.
When the unthinkable happens London will be faced with a challenge she never saw coming.
Davie never expected to come close to losing someone he cared for again.
When he responds to a Signal 63 - reviving London is all that matters.
But this fierce woman refuses to let anyone help her – insisting she’s strong enough on her own.
Can Davie prove to this her that she can be the strong woman she was before and but still let someone love her? Or will her stubborn ways push him away for good?

Signal 69: Holding Jenna

The Signal Series

At twenty-six, Jenna Hardy didn’t expect to be starting over.
But after a nasty divorce two years earlier, that's exactly where she finds herself - beginning again.
Moving to the small town of Bakersfield was her chance at a new life.
A place where her past couldn't torment her.
Finn Judson is every girl's fantasy. He's the typical sexy cop with an attitude - and he loves his job.
His family doesn’t understand his choice to wear a badge, reminding him every day he comes from wealth and needs a wife.
But he doesn’t care about money or marriage - swearing off love after his wife cheated on him.
When a series of events put Jenna on edge, she has no choice to involve the police. When Finn answers a couple of calls involving Jenna, he can't seem to get her out of his head. She's unlike anyone he's ever met and he starts to question everything.
Their chemistry is undeniable - yet Jenna keeps running.
Someone hurt Jenna and she refuses to let Finn into her heart - constantly shutting him out.
When Jenna's past comes crashing back into her life and threatens the very life she's trying to build, Finn will do whatever it takes to prove not all men are monsters.

Signal 33: Finding Zoey

The Signal Series

Gasping for breath, Zoey closed her eyes praying for a quick death.

Her lungs burned from the grey mist filling her room as the hot flames engulfed the walls like a raging storm swallows the sea.

The timber sound of an angel’s voice cut through the smoke beckoning her to stay awake.
She was dreaming… or maybe she was dead.

Zoey didn’t know – all she knew was strong arms wrapped around her, pulling her from the inferno.
Dawson had fought more fires than he could count. But this one was different.
This one nearly killed them both.

He pulled the beautiful redhead from the flames, getting them both to safety without a minute to spare.
Dawson Ford might have saved them both from the fire…

But Zoey Horton scorched his soul and the fire isn’t the only heat these two will feel!


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